Saturday, July 20, 2013

Putting Jimmy Back In The Pic....

Four shots to the wind!

Although we members of the "Entourage" were bitterly disappointed about Jeff not taking home an Eisner, we all had a heckuva time. Thank you, Jeff!

The immortal Tom Moon gifted me a pass and we spent Friday stalking the hall floor, seeing the people and books we wanted to see (Rick Geary! William Stout! Stuart Ng! Scott Benefiel!) (tho' there were still plenty of people I missed--not enuff time). Went over my budget by about 100%, but hey, some great stuff I've been wanting for a while.

Of course the best part by far was seeing old friends and fellow TAGsters. Tom, Tom Carroll, Jimmy, Scott and the World Famous Jeff Ranjo. Also Jeff Remmer! (should I mention the inverse good of NOT running into people I did not want to see??)

And the inverse of that means the worst part was all those great friends we DIDN'T see--Schmitty of course, but also the Beautiful and Much-Missed Beata (on vacation?!), Dok, Ben and John Tighe, etc. I did meet Peter Csanadi in person, and original TAGster Eric Shanower (also a nominee for (multiple) Eisner Awards)--way cool!

But after all is said and done, how can you call it a Con without Ellis Goodson?

Dude! You were much missed! Not just by me. Everyone we met lamented yr absence. Much talk of air mailing you out here in time for Comics Fest (which Peter was pimpin' in a great way)!


MrGoodson2 said...

That is a great drawing. Made me laugh. Captures the hard drinking character of Jim O'Sloshy.

Glad everyone had a great time.
It would have been nice to be there for a big, history making Eisner win for Ranjo.

I'll look for you in the inevitable youtube explosion of panels and events.

Tom Moon said...

I hope Jim enjoys that drawing because it's him to a T. Brilliant.

JMG said...

Funny...very funny.

Davis Chino said...

Glad you dudes dug it!! We had a lot of laughs...only thing that could have improved it is to have the WHOLE GANG along.

...and to all be at Tom & Patty Moon's house!