Monday, July 08, 2013

Got these off Tumblr

Paintings vs the Gold Key covers.
Gold Key used to go without ads and publish the paintings on the back cover without text.


Tom Moon said...

Cool paintings. I never read the original Magnus comics until they were re-printed a few years ago in hardback. I really liked the Valiant version. Great basic concept, but perhaps the worst super-hero costume ever. Bright red mini-skirt and white go-go boots. I saw a guy at Comic Con wearing a homemade Magnus costume. Not a pretty sight. To even begin to pull it off you have to at least be built like Stallone in his prime. This guy wasn't.

Surly Bird said...

I'm with you, Tom. Never understood the costume. It had to be puzzling even when it first came out.

Beautiful work and nice find, Ellis!

JMG said...

The Russ Manning covers just jumped off the rack at you back in the day.
Then again most Gold Key covers did. The painted covers just did so much for sales. George Wilson's covers for the Gold Key Phantom's just blew me away. Some of the best of their day.

JMG said...

Then again George Wilson did A LOT of Gold Key's covers.

MrGoodson2 said...

I can imagine a huge Magnus fan getting huffy, "They aren't GO-GO Boots! Haven't you ever heard of Wellingtons? "
But offers no defense for the mini skirt.
Richard Corben added fringe