Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ellis as a Werecat

Found this in a sketchbook today. Must have been dreaming of Ellis's great graphic novel project...thinking maybe the lion could be black. Or something.

Anyway, thought the big werecat's expression looked like our favorite OK. resident.

Ellis, are you gonna do that book or what?! 'Cuz it needs to be done!!


MrGoodson2 said...

Think I'll share this with the Okie Comic Creators. Many of them have seen my head. Great sketch. You're good with the cats.

I may get back to The Lion Killer someday. First, there's a young guy I met that's in the Okie Creators that asked if I wanted a story from him to illustrate. I think it would be published by Greyhaven.

I said maybe if it was EC short. He gave me about 15 great loglines of stories, all of them very creative.

The one I told him to write and send along was a Lovecraft version of The Most Dangerous Game. The jaded hunter in this case goes after a demon he mystically captures.

Marty are you going to San Diego Comic Con with your sketchbook somehow? I know Stuart Ng will be selling then. You need to get that seen during the Con.

Tom Moon said...

That top picture of Ellis is really hilarious! Love the black lion. You are good with cats.

Davis Chino said...

Ha! Now I know you guys are just trying to butter me up, 'cuz I am terrible at cats (but good at Ellises). I should really take the time to study them....

El! You're dang tootin' yr lion story is fantastic. Has anyone out there seen any stories that center on a black lion? If not, I think such a cat could look visually very distinctive, and give you a nice angle...but the color of the cat doesn't really matter, it's the coolness of the story. Dammit, man--we need to see it!!

Rickart said...

Lil' Wolfie Ellis! Love it!

I like the Most Dangerous Game idea, too. I think you will rock that story!