Saturday, March 09, 2013

Page 70 of transcription will be done today

It is beyond weird to be reading something like it was a story I had never seen when in fact I sweated blood writing it . Every page surprises me. I've decided I'll make a PDF of the archive edition and put it on lulu. Also as a free download. I'll get a couple of hard copies and mark up my re-write copy. It's going to take a ton of rewrite before it can be called a passable e-book. I suppose things are written as ineptly every day. I've just aware of the very basic Strunk and White improvements it would be inexcusable not to make.


Davis Chino said...


What is this all about???

I am intrigued....

MrGoodson2 said...

you missed it. I announced it earlier
week ago

MrGoodson2 said...

Rodney ducked his head down, successfully resisting being trans-

Goodson-ALBINO page 70

fixed by the albino's stare. He turned his upper body toward Brad and wiggled his toes in his shoes to make his legs relax. He intended to dive into the albino and take his chances. If he was lucky, he might break Ashcraft's hip. Rodney felt the presence of Ashcraft's hand a fraction of a second before it touched him.

Rodney buried his head in Ashcraft's midsection with all the speed and strength his heavily muscled legs were capable of. Ashcraft lost the air in his lungs with an "ugh" sound as both his feet came off the ground. The fat man hit flat on his back on the polished, hardwood floor. Rodney's attack took him off balance. He managed to twist enough to land on his shoulder instead of his face, rolling to the foot of the fireplace with his hands falt against his thighs. He caterpillared to the ornate stand of fireplace tools and gripped a poker with one of his flipper-like, restrained hands.

Ashcraft had recovered enough to begin waving his arms in an attempt to swing his meaty body off its back to its side. Rodney inserted the poker between the tape and his ankles. He frantically pried at the tape, holding the end of the poker with his right hand and using his shin as a lever. Rodney felt sure that with his legs free he could kick the big exhausted man into submission.

Ashcraft rolled to his hands and knees, head bent down gulping air back into his lungs. He stood with slow, spasmodic jerks. Rodney snapped his head in the albino's direction and then back to his work. The tape became slack enough to jerk one leg free. The other leg was left with the flapping mess of tape lumped around it.

Goodson-ALBINO page 71

MrGoodson2 said...

When I start carving it up in Final Draft, I'll get to the library for "Your Screenplay Sucks." Great notes on what not to do when formatting.

I used to own it . One of my many forced donations

Davis Chino said...

OK--my mind is reeling! I've been busy driving up to Oregon and back, trying to fill sketchbook orders (Gawd bless ye all!) and hosting my Grandmother, who I drove down to stay with us for the next ten days.

And then there's this--Goodson prose?!?!

I need to set aside some serious sit-down time to absorb "THE ALBINO."

Bravo, El!