Monday, September 26, 2011

Officer Forearms

Photo from a blog featuring a bunch of shots of the wallstreet protesters. This police officer is manning the barricades.
Look at that rotator muscle in those forarms. You think that's genetics or does he overdo some exercise that gives you big rotators?
When he says if he wants any shit out of "you" , he'll squeeze it out of you, he means it.
Here's another shot of him.


Tom Moon said...

Pretty impressive. My brother had that same muscle highly developed on his right forearm from playing tennis, but that cop doesn't look like the ambidexterous-tennis-playing type.

Roy Harris told a story about one of his students who had a tremendously strong grip from being a carpet-layer. One day during a match, his opponent put a foot on the carpet-layer's bicep and kicked it back trying to break the carpet-layer's collar grip. The whole gi collar ripped away instead, still in the carpet-layer's hand.

When I wrestled in college this one teammate had a terrific grip from rock-climbing. In the case of this cop however, he was probably born this way, and eats spinach on top of it.

This weekend I heard someone say (jokingly) to his friend, "If I want any lip from you, I'll peel it off my fist."

MrGoodson2 said...

I read that the best focused forearm builder is a wrist curl, palms down. So he probably works part time in a pet store, sorting free kittens.
Popeye, like your carpet layer, had a job specific thing he's doing producing that-fire painful pump in the forearms.
Carpet layer is always having to squeeze onto a fat handful of carpet and curl his wrist up to access the carpet under his hand for the stretcher.
Sailors in Popeye's era had to coil miles of rope. Every inch of it wanting to lay down with some twist that has to be rolled out of it before it will lay down in neat coils.

MrGoodson2 said...

And it's still genetics. He's probably racially related to this guy...

MrGoodson2 said...

Vein Ref

Surly Bird said...

Check Russian arm-wrestler Denis Cyplenkov:

Denis Cyplenkov

He looks like the son of Mighty Joe Young and Big Barda. Whether he's ingested exogenous substances to enhance his physique or not, it's pretty obvious no drug can beat Cro-magnon genetics, which this guy has in spades.

Speaking of arm-wrestlers, John Brznek has equally insane pythons:

John Brzenk

Which way to the gun show, gentlemen?

MrGoodson2 said...

Yeesh. Those are some guns. I wonder if they use Stallone's over the top technique to win their matches.

Tom Moon said...

It's pretty obvious that Denis Cyplenkov's hands were designed by Kirby.

MrGoodson2 said...

These babies
Kirby Hands
You're right.

Tom Moon said...

Those are the ones. In fact you could pretty much paint him green all over and dispense with the CG for the next Bruce Banner movie.

Eric said...

There are plenty of veterans on the force, why is it so surprising that Popeye joined?