Thursday, August 04, 2011

"Don't You Feel Like Anyone Could Sh*t Out A Graphic Novel."

Click headline to hear Adam Carolla Podcast with Kevin Pereira. At about the 40 minute mark Pereira starts. They talk about the Comic Con and graphic novels. Carolla is a bit anti comic book. But I think he's very funny.
"One step above a placemat."
"The man is made of molten metal."

My Page in the Autism Sketchbook...
I need to track down the real deal. I like how they ganged all my sketches.


Zana has a bunch of shots of me as a serial killer. Pretty cool. She doesn't want them out yet but shared a few with me. They look great. She has quite a talent and the hardware to go with it. Below is a tight crop of a much larger shot that doesn't give anything away. Grainy good.

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MrGoodson2 said...

Hey. Someone made the suggestion I think about PR jobs with my posting for Tom's Corkey contest. I posted a link to this post on twitter like this"@AlisonRosen @DanielQuantz @RJRHQ @alisonrosen I embedded links to that Carolla for some fellow nerds...TagUrl" ...
Two of those guys did a graphic novel called Syndrome. They then retweeted it making it however viral that'll make it. So you're right. I'm a PR guy now.