Friday, August 26, 2011

Got The Paint Brushes Out...

...and finished an old portrait I found in storage. Oil painting is fun!
I've barely been online the last month.


MrGoodson2 said...

Bee A You Tee Ful. Love the highlight on the right side eye. Subject's left eye.
The nose highlight, especially as a thumbnail , has the protuberance of a small pimple. Don't know if you want that. Maybe take down the edging on the left side of the highlight.
Great color. Really alive.

Tom Moon said...

Beautiful portrait but who is he? Is there a story behind this painting?

Davis Chino said...

Tom, it's something I started as a project for Blair's dad + step-mother. Remember that big Carnavale painting I did on commission for them? I felt bad that they weren't over-the-moon (excuse the pun) about that one, so I wanted to give them a little bonus work to lessen the disappointment. Plus, at the time, I was working hard on my painting, having some misguided notion of becoming a portrait painter, and I had a photo of her dad and toddler half-bro that I thought could be turned into a Sargent-style portrait, (despite it being a blown-out flash-bulb shot, they both had good expressions--the smiling-but-not-a-toothy-smile expression).

So I stretched some nice linen and went at it. A few weeks later I set it aside when I wasn't happy with the likenesses and color.

That was six-plus years ago. I feel like this is much improved, tho' still not quite there. However, there was a (self-imposed) deadline of Friday--his birthday.

Funny postscript is I shouldn't have worried about it--I got the idea they didn't much care for it...

That's two strikes!

You can see the other part of the pic (the kid) on the Brush Pen Breakfast blog if you are so inclined...

Thanks for the kind words!

Davis Chino said...

I should clarify--I actually used two different photos as source for the painting--one of the kid, one of the dad.

But I lost the one of the dad in the intervening years! So I had to wing it on the repaint...Blair's input was critical.

Tom Moon said...

Good story. I did see the view on Brush Pen, and yet another view on Facebook. You like to tease us with fragments! Is there one of the whole thing?

Tom Moon said...

Why does it say "Chole-bait" on the Facebook version?

Chole can refer to:

Chole (woreda), one of the 180 woredas in the Oromia region of Ethiopia;

Chole, Ethiopia, a town in that woreda.

Chole, cooked or uncooked chickpeas

Chole masala, see chana masala

Chole-, meaning bile

Chole or choly, medical slang for
cholecystitis, or a patient with cholecystitis; also a cholecystectomy

Chole or Choule, a probable antecedent of the sport of golf; see also kolven

Chole, nickname for Soledad, California, as used by Chicano gangs

Davis Chino said...



For Chloe Cummings, painter of many child portraits, and my Facebook pal.