Friday, August 26, 2011

Touched Up and Cartooned Fred Goodson

My Dad serving at the time on the USS Boxer, a Carrier.
I was watching "In Which They Serve," which got me thinking about him.
He paid for these two keepsakes from his tour during the Korean War.
The heavily touched up photo is the sort of adulteration they did as a type of art form at that time.
The artist gave him red lips, Softened him up, made his brows a lot fuller, screwed up the angle that the nose projects from the head, and probably a dozen other things "idealizing" him. The final bit of imagination was adding a complete cartoony , Roger Rabbit-like kerchief tie.
He really liked that piece.
He liked the silk handkerchief art even more. Some Japanese artist would do cartoon portraits onto a nice silk hanky for a price. Dad went for it.
The bottom photo is what the man looked like at that time. Just a kid then but what a guy.

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