Saturday, June 04, 2011

Zombie Boy- GaGa can wipe her look off

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MrGoodson2 said...

Show of hands. How many people knew about this guy about 2 months before I posted something about it. I'm trying to get a since of how out of touch I am.

Beata said...

Ellis, all your posts have been new to me. It's not often I click on a Facebook link, what with all the viruses/scams going around.

And I really miss you on FB. When you left, all your comments disappeared with you ... making absolute hash out of most of the threads under my photos, etc ... so I did a lot of deleting, too. But most importantly, I could always count on you for a "Like".

MrGoodson2 said...

I like that most of the design on the guy seems symmetrical . At least that way if I had to build a model of hime , I could just use half a UV texture and flip it.

Beata. I miss you and others. But the simple fact was I loaded up on too many people I just knew through their work. I learned that my creative community irritates the crap out of me. But number one, it was also irritating how addicted I was to it.

Million dollar insight. Absolutely free. It came to me watching a cheezy Patrick Wharburton movie called Rock Slyde. Putty is a very lonely private Detective. Part of his lonely life is looking up and reading his positive feedback on ebay. Something that talks about him, gives him feedback, says he's out there.

ANYTHING that does that for people on the internet will be a success. Something where someone can come along, read what they've written and others have written and addressed to you.

Just monetize it slightly and you'll be a billionaire.

Beata said...

Blogs (such as this one) are like that, too, Ellis. Just as phones were before the days of computers/internet/e-mail. People need, and will always create, ways of interacting with each other when their "face-to-face" time is forced to decrease (especially when the global distance between friends increases).

Dok said...

Ellis -

Like Beata, almost all of your posts (including this latest version of Bradbury's "The Illustrated Man"), are welcome news to me.

And for my .02, the points you two are making about connections in general, and electronic ones in particular, are astute.

Rickart said...

This blog was a real lifeline for me when I was living in MA. I had work friends who I talked to at work, but all of my real friends were back in SD. That's why I keep coming back to the SD Con... sure, the con is fun, but the real fun is seeing all of my friends who show up at the con.

MrGoodson2 said...

Good feedback. You're right Beata. We all need interaction. Too bad gas costs so much. It makes some of the interaction kind of painful to the wallet. Hope to maybe see you, Dok and Rick at the Con.

MrGoodson2 said...

Check out what your brain does when you scroll the guys head completely off the screen. Just looking at the pattern from the clavicle down. You no longer see a cast shadow. It's like a mask layer of white is being used to obscure the detail of the tattoo.