Sunday, May 01, 2011


Comments? Crits? How do the values seem to you?

Thanks a whole heap, and in advance!


MrGoodson2 said...

Very cool fantasy environment. I like all the cross contour of Swiss-esque structural beams. The colors are great. The water forming a falls is cool on it's own. You got the sink at a lower level. I think of you and (Cult?-Asylum? what did we finally call it) I think of the Pipe environments. Maybe have a leaking pipe leading to the sink as explanation for the elevated falls.
Maybe crib/study some water impact effects as well. Too rifle impact solid on the water impacts right now.
Great piece.
Especially after all the Cork crayon drawings.

MrGoodson2 said...

I like the Gray to pop the color. That's smart. Reminds me of the sega games that used gray well to pop their color. My favorite was Flashback.

Rickart said...

Very cool... It has some Esher feel to it, as well as some Dali influence. As far as values are concerned (since you asked), I love the dark walls with the open doors pouring light into the shadows. If it were me I might be tempted to throw less light onto the big walls that are getting hit by the main light source... that would make the lights coming from within the rooms more dramatic.

This is an intriguing image that makes me want to know more about the environment.

Davis Chino said...

Yeah, like what they said!

I think it reads nicely. Maybe the computer-fill of teal blue in the background is less nuanced than the rest of the piece--tho' I'm not sure what this is for. If it's viz-dev stuff, that's probably not any sort of negative. But if it's for a book illustration, maybe something a little more like one of your wash-y (tho' never wish-y), hand-drawn or hand-implemented fills?

This is a very minor suggestion, because overall the piece definitely intrigues, and looks like its own world.