Friday, July 10, 2009

Watching the Spirit with Directors commentary

It's inspiring stuff (The Spirit) listening to all the patter about Eisner, and great filmmakers.

This was a doodle that I did a speed inking job. I'm trying to have fun inking in photoshop. I'm getting there. At least getting to where it's becoming fun.


Tom Moon said...

Hmmm... Let's see. The top panel of the top drawing is a man being attacked by a black panther. The middle panel is a close up of a man with big shoulder pads holding a ray gun flashlight device. The bottom panel is a stagecoach racing along towards a bridge upon which a man stands ready to throw dynamite down on it. How am I doing? How's your 100-page comic coming along? Is this part of it?

Mr Goodson said...

Yes Tom, this is my comic book, LionKiller(tentative).

And you're right on with your interpretation. At least close enough that what I've decided to do is post these roughs, get your interpretation and then write that into captions and dialogue.

Kinda Stan Lee style.

I'm going back to having the black flow straight out. I like that better than the washiness. Even though the washiness might prompt more Cloud interpretation type decision making when I ink. More Happy accidents