Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Me on a poor man's budget..Oh the shame.

with a regular income I probably would have gotten 20 times this, saw a lot I could have bought but held out and kept my buying to the small budget I alotted for. In the days of yor I would have dropped $800 easy....Oh the golden days of yesteryear. "snif...sob"


Mr Goodson said...

Well, I envy your storyboard book. I want that. I'll have to go to Stuart Ng to get it.

I accidentally shoplifted an extra copy of Donnachada Daly's 3d book.


I'll have to paypal him for that. I guess I stole it some time during our animated conversation about 3d. Slipped in the copy I had been skimming while he signed my purchase.

Deane D said...

Looks like you did well on a budget. It's hard when there is so much good stuff out now.