Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A valentine

This is an Art Rage image I made for my sweetie.


Tom Carroll said...

Very cool,

Very caffeinated,

Very considerate.

Maybe you missed your calling, Mr. Hallmark ...

rickart said...

I called it a Valentine, Seattle Style.

I'm just starting to get the hang of the whole Art Rage thing... I never used oils, so it's not as intuitive as it would be otherwise.

Mr Goodson said...

Is this that ArtRage for 20 bucks or the free artrage? Very nice piece. But I thought those big paintings in your apartment from school days were oil paints.

rickart said...

Yes, I paid for my Rage.

Nope... those paintings were acrylics. Not the same thing AT ALL. I think oils would have drove me crazy in school. Mixing on the canvas would have been frustrating. I think I'm a bit more patient now, so mixing while painting makes more sense to me.