Tuesday, August 05, 2008

TAG Facebook Group

Click on the headline and (I hope) you will be lead to the TAG Facebook group that I just created. Right now it's a closed group, meaning that the creator (ME!) has to approve all new members. I sent out an invite to all TAG folks who are already Friends of mine on Facebook.

If I missed you, please go ahead and sign up and I'll approve you. What does a Facebook group do? Not much, as far as I can tell, but I thought it was a good idea at the time. If nothing else, it might be a place where we can send out a message to all TAG folks to, say, met up at a certain time or place during Wondercon! :)


rickart said...

Oh, and Tom, if you would rather I not use your comic page, just let me know... it just seemed like the most appropriate image I could find from the TAG blog.

Mr Goodson said...

Rick, I got my mail, logged in, and can't see the button that makes me a member of this TAG account. I'm just the guy with an existing facebook account.

Is that it? Now I can see the TAG facebook page and I'm in as far as I should be?

Jeff said...

I thought about creating this myself but didn't know if it would undermine the blog. But I'm signed up!! Let's see what happens???

Tom Moon said...

Rick, feel free to use my comic page. Speaking of WonderCon, I've actually considered giving it a try. You say it's like the San Diego Con was 10 years ago and that sounds appealing.

I am getting more and more disenchanted with the San Diego Con every year. It's just a mob scene, plus it really is being taken over by non-comic book concerns.

Super-hero movies, cartoons and games seem a natural extension of comics to most people, but for me, the charm of comics is that they are quiet little doorways into another world that you can hold in your hands and read and ponder quietly.

I don't mind the addition of fantasy-related book vendors like Stuart Ng and Bud Plant, but the stuff that moves and makes noise, well, it's just a very different type of entertainment. They need their own convention.

Am I the only one that feels this way?

Beata said...

Thanks for doing it, Rick!

Facebook seems a bit more public to me ... a good thing if you're trying to flush out Ron and others who have "disappeared." (I would've reconnected much sooner had there been a TAG group on FB.)

It needn't undermine the Blog; options can be handy, preventing things from slipping through the cracks. Sort of like a print ad reinforcing a TV ad.

I see a combination of the two working well. FB for sharing photo albums, e.g.; plus, its ultra-convenient group messaging for get-togethers, etc. Of course, that's only efficient if everyone actually HAS a FB account.

So, Buncake, sign up already! I want to write all kinds of embarassing things on your Wall.

Beata said...

No, Tom, you're not the only one who feels that way. That's why for several years now I've stayed away from the monster that Comic-Con has become.

The two things that bother me most:
1. the noisy, pushy crowds
2. all the really annoying (and bad) costume fanatics

Bill's daughter (19) went for the first time this year. She and her goth friend bought their 4-day passes early, and planned out all the outrageous stuff they'd "be seen in" each day. Not even a clue as to what the Con was supposed to be about.

While I truly enjoy good super-hero/sci-fi/fantasy movies, I'd prefer it if Hollywood, Toys, Games, and other genres kept to their own conventions. I can see why that might be impossible, though.

Mr Goodson said...

I found the button. I'm in.

Krayonzilla said...

Yeah! Death has arrived. I'm in too.

Scotty Buncake said...

I'm not signed up for facebook yet. I will, but it seems like a chore to put in all of your bio and crap. Is it like myspace? I promise I'll get on it soon. We don't want Beata to get pissed. That's just dangerous.

Starting to ink the first couple strips of Cork. Who knows, I may post relatively soon.

Mr Goodson said...

Scott, we understand the threat of paternity suits keep you from a lot of social networking. Jeff finds a lot to do with Facebook. I just let it sit there.

I want to see that Cork strip.

Jeff said...

So yeah Scott you should sign up soon. Your photo is the first uploaded to the group to be made fun of. Seriously.

Facebook is a social networking doohickie but more private in the people you associate yourself with, namely just your friends. MySpace is a free-for-all where chaos, children, and predators roam free. On second thought...maybe you should sign up for MySpace.

Actually I use Facebook for e-mailing friends because I'm too lazy to look up their addresses. :-P

rickart said...

Beata has hit the nail on the head... the FB Group won't replace the Blog, but it is useful for posting groups of photos and for sending out messages to the entire gang.

As for the Con, I enjoyed myself, but it's just too crazy... on Sat. I had 2 of my kids with me and I was afraid I was going to lose them! I haven't actually been to Wondercon, but I've heard great things about it and I'm looking forward to going to the next one.

Surly Bird said...

I might try to make WonderCon this year. It's a drivable distance, albeit a very long drive. If it's less spectacle and more comics, that's a win in my book. Plus, it's a chance to see my friends in the Bay area!

rickart said...

Whoo hoo! Sounds good to me! You've always got a place to stay!