Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cork 3

Number three. Ellis eats poo by the way.


Mr Goodson said...

poo is not on the menu, Buncake!

I love this little strip and your characters. The toes curl with mention of giant robots. But I'm bugged a bit by the type.

I'd experiment with the scan, "white out" all your balloon and text work, and try doing all that work with some nicely kerned and spaced comics font. Give you some real estate back for the drawing. Use New Century Poo Bold

Jeff said...

I like the progression. Keep going! Robots=win.

The lack of pupils are growing on me.

Kali Fontecchio said...

How does a hamster know robots? PREPOSTEROUS.

Kali Fontecchio said...

Oh yeah- I've seen Ellis eat poo.

Tom Carroll said...

Oh, my

TMI ...

Is the Cork title referencing Cork, Ireland in any way? ... Or the cork board Buncake pins pieces of dialog to when planning each strip?

rickart said...

I have no problem with the eyes... it sells the other-worldly-ness of the character. I think it might make Scott's job tougher down the road with expressions, but as Ellis pointed out, Little Orphan Annie did just fine without pupils.

The line work is refreshingly clean and open. The dialog is snappy without seeming trite... it moves the characters and the story forward but it doesn't seem clich├ęd.

Terrific effort! Keep up the good work!

Scotty Buncake said...

Thanks gents. As I said before, she will be getting pupils and losing her wings. But she can literally bring them back at any time with a thought. She's going to do it to fit in more, but in this particular town it won't be that hard.
I've already started work on strip number 5 and it's going to be a season-ending finale you won't want to miss!
Actually it's not season-ending at all... nor would you want to see it.