Friday, June 06, 2008

Well Hello There

Nice to meet y'all!

Here's an important moment in history:


rickart said...

Welcome aboard!

You are going to score points with Tom M. by posting a Popeye strip! And what a great example you posted. That's a great gag and a wonderful bit of characterization.

...And now I know what those little creatures are! Desert wolves ate my lawn when I lived in San Diego!

Mr Goodson said...

Nice first post. I like the little character with the starched cuffs. It's so androgynous it could be a bare armed cocktail waitress or a British invasion pop star. I guess androgyny would be an important ingredient to the "cute" that you often explore. And I love the Thimble Theatre stuff. Wish I had all the Fantagraphics reprints to read right now.

Tom Moon said...

Hi Kali,
Are you a big Popeye fan? I love both the original comics and the Fleischer cartoons. Set 2 of the cartoons is coming out soon. I'm hoping that "Goon Island" is on it.

Tom Moon said...

I can't get to your senior project film. Is it at

Mr Goodson said...

Tom, go to the bottom of TAG member links. Click Kali's blog. It has a link to her Roy Roger song based short.

Kali Fontecchio said...

"Wish I had all the Fantagraphics reprints to read right now."

You should definitely get those- I have them and they keep me so happy!

Hello Tom!

Yes I am a HUGE fan of both the comics, and the cartoons (although I saw the Fleischer cartoons before getting my hands on the comics).

The first volume of the Popeye dvd is great, but I got a lot of flack from angry 15 year old/40 year old fans for getting the chance to giggle on the commentary tracks for the Ali Baba, and some other cartoons. Although it was sooo worth it getting a free dvd set and a chronological manual of random facts for each cartoon.

Ya Tom, that's the right link- I wonder why it doesn't work for you? Weird!