Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mr Toy

From an old comic book.

Click the arrows to read the art. The first page is unreadable because the background color comes from this web page, not the black of my other webpage

Clive Barker short story roughed out animatic

Cool Clive Barker story where a guy has his car overheat and strands him in the middle of the desrt. Out in the desert he just makes out some sort of group trucking along on foot. He makes his way toward them,,, and here I may veer from the story. i don't reemeber. i may have added the device of near Rattler strke to explain why he'd be so distracted he'd get very close to the group before he realizes it's a parade of MONSTERS. One chases him back toward the car and when the opportunity to pounce on him presents itself, the monster bounds on by and instead attacks his car, which explodes. It runs to the closest town while on fire. My "short" ends on that point. Not much to see. Just more aborted Flash work i did to teach myself Flash.

Tog and Ty

Just further experiments. Tog and Ty is a supernatural story. A girl and her magic cat. Bad animation but it'll get better.

Junkyard Split

Use the little arrows at the top left to move forward through the storyboards of this pitch idea.

Publishing this as an experiment. I may do a lot of Flash File publishing on the blog if it works.

Well, It kinda works. Click zoom in to see more detail on the art. You can scrub the drawing area around to look at the text etc.