Monday, November 26, 2007

Nintendo DS Digital Painting

I just picked up a DS a couple of weeks ago and this looks cool. Click on the link for the full article.
DS Painting


Mr Goodson said...

A guy at work, Yongwoo, is working with one of these. I had an earlier note about the stuff you have to buy to make it work. A mini cintiq. I thouught I wanted one but I'm waiting for that lap size cintiq

Mr Goodson said...

( hardware for DS Lite )

The link is where Yongwoo got the extra hardware that makes the DS Lite work as a drawing tablet.
I think the paint program is either freeware or very cheap.

Jeff said...

Hey Ellis,

I got the hardware and downloaded the software. The problem is it doesn't run. Can you give me your friend's e-mail address so I can ask him what I'm doing wrong?? Maybe I'm missing a file or something. Halp!

Mr Goodson said...

I 'll tell him to comment on our Blog on this item

Mr Goodson said...

Just talked to Yongwoo. First he wants to know if you have everything in my link above. The one that says hardware for DS Lite.
If you have all that and still can't make it work he'll invade TAG space

Mr Goodson said...

Put simply, Yongwoo said you need the CHIP and the MEMORY CARD Set.