Saturday, November 24, 2007

Checking on Ronnie Cramer

I haven't checked on Ronnie Cramer's output since I bought Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend and Back Street Jane back in the mid nineties. Both films are indy gold. Especially Back Street Jane.

Checked a link that had Psychotronic's logo and it was Ronnie Cramer. Surfing around I discover this cool short called Pillow Girl. Great idea morphing through all those great torn blouse Men's adventure illustrations. The above is just a teaser.

Speaking of Psychotronic, I went to their online page not long ago and discovered the magazine will no longer be published. Who is going to interview guys like William Smith - John Phillip Law- Jonathan Haze, etc. I guess they'll have to Blog.


echoform said...

amazing find ellis! i hope you can find the real deal soon. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for your continued support.

Best wishes always,

Ronnie Cramer