Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I'm still a little unclear as to what we should/need to do to get the TAG table going... namely,
1. Do we all need to be "producers" of a single product in order to sell at the Small publisher table?
2. If so, is that the only thing we can sell or do we can we sell individual sketchbooks, con sketches, pre-drawn sketches, etc?
3. If only one of us can "man" the table a a time, can we still sell the wares of everyone involved?
4. Do we all need to get CA seller's licenses?

I have one other question... Jeff, have you been effected by the writer's strike?

In other news, the drawing is a re-paint of an a old portfolio piece.


Surly Bird said...

Just saw this. Great job, Rick!

Tom Moon said...

Ellis cheap Taiwanese knockoff stole all of Rick's comments!

Mr Goodson said...

I did grab all the con table discussion. Rick's great color sense made me meddle. I had to experiment. I wish I had that Joe Chiodo learning.