Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sketch inspired by a job interview

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This one was inspired by an interview with John Naverez


We'll hopefully have him for some design work. The big idea came from just asking what he was using on one sketch. Just a pencil, BUT, starting with the flat side of the pencil and doing a lot of loose shading, THEN thinking about line work after you have a nice smokey generalized gesture and fun composition of light and dark.

So I tried it but I really didn't have a big enough flat for my pencil. Just something to try. I seemed to have been getting a lot of info lately about very good artists looking for happy accidents to build their drawings from.


Skribbl said...

That's a fun new approach. It looks very un-Ellis like. Breaking your routines every once in a while is fun and rewarding!

Davis Chino said...

This looks great, El.

Why don't you shit-can that old way of drawing, and just do it like this from now on?

(Heh, heh. Is this rattling yr cage yet?)