Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Silver Surfer Apple Trailer

The Silver Surfer trailer is now up on the Apple Trailer web site and it does look cool!



Tom Moon said...

True, it would be wise for them to avoid imitating the T-1000 directly, but here they are placing emphasis on the Surfer's ability to both phase through things, defy gravity, and zoom around at 1000 miles and hour. Whereas the T-1000's abilities were restricted to morphing his own body into various shapes, which the Surfer doesn't do in any of the comics, so the overlap in their abilities should be slight.

Besides, the Surfer was invented in 1966 and the T-1000 in 1991. Cameron could be accused of ripping off the Surfer's look, except that when you do a good enough job on your story, no one cares if you borrow a few elements from other creative sources (which everyone does anyway).

I agree that Galactus could be a problem. The Surfer's look is simple and elegant, and there's pretty much only one way to design him. If they were to translate Kirby's design of Galactus too literally he might look like a giant Transformer in short pants, (they certainly can't put that giant "G" on his chest) so they will probably give the designers freedom to adapt. Could be good, could be bad.

Mr Goodson said...

Clancy Brown could do Galactus. That trailer was nice work. CGI actoring at it's best. I plan on watching it a few times. I'm glad Tom has the gfacts on the Siver Surfer. I only remember an energy bolt guy that had a failed marriage. Then I have my Moebius version story where he starts the story as a sreet bum.

Tom Moon said...

I wish Ted Cassidy were still alive.

rickart said...

Heyyy, as a matter of fact, I think Ted Cassidy DID do the voice of Galactus for the 60s cartoon version of the FF.

I got a Trade Paperback of New Gods for Christmas... I had never read those original stories. It's given me a new appriciation of Kirby as a writer. It also has made me realize how influenced Frank Miller is by Kirby.

As for the clip... Surfer, gooooood. Galactus will be much tougher to do. I wasn't at all impressed with the first FF movie, so I can say that this looks much better, but only because the first one wasn't so hot.

Who's Clancy Brown?

Mr Goodson said...

Krayonzilla, I'm home but I'm screening my calls

Mr Goodson said...

Clancy Brown was the bad immortal in the first HIGHLANDER. He was also in BUCKAROO BANZAI as Rawhide. Had a great death scene. "what are you all looking at. It's time for the big round up. " or something like that. I looked at his IMDB and he's mainly a voice talent these days

Tom Moon said...

You're right. IMDB says he was the uncredited voice of Galactus. It also says he was on Star Trek as Ruk, which I knew, and as the Gorn's voice, which I didn't know. It doesn't mention that he was also Balok's (puppet) voice.