Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Gorilla Parrot

Rick, I liked your Pirate Gorilla. did you see my late comment?

I added another doodle.


Skribbl said...

So wait...it's a gorilla parrot? or is it a pirate gorilla parrot? I'm cornfused.

rickart said...

That is one buff parrot! I like him better than mine!

I did see your comment... I'm flattered.

Tom Moon said...

I want to do a gorilla-parrot pirate too. Rick has used the bandana and sword motif and Ellis has used the eyepatch and pegleg trick. What cliches are left? Can I dibs the hook hand and gold earring? Unless someone else draws their version first.

Tom Moon said...

Ellis, what is that thing in your second drawing? It looks like Eugene the Jeep on steroids.

Mr Goodson said...


it's a doodle I did while someone was teaching me a maya detail (normal mapping)