Thursday, May 04, 2006

Shadowrun news from John Abad

FYI, for you BlueSky old timers… =)

The long-rumored video game return of the Shadowrun RPG franchise has been all but confirmed today, according to an opening splash page on Microsoft-owned developer FASA Studio's official web site.

The teaser image, shown here, appears on the front page of the company's web site,


Mr Goodson said...

They ought to go MMO with it. Think about running a gauntlet to get to your jack in point and then once you're in,, totally different surreal landscapes appropriate to being in the Matrix. Same deal of being hired to do this and that. Perfect MMO. I'm practising my E3 lingo

rickart said...

You got that right, Ellis! There's a designer here who says that the Genesis Shadowrun is one of his alltime favorite games. he says it was the original GTA!

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