Friday, September 29, 2017

The color blind artist prepares

So I paid 18 bucks for these sharpies.
But before I can use them I need to sample the cap color so I know what the hell color I am using. Then use that blue masking tape holding the markers in alignment to make a cigar ring on the marker so I can write the color on it.
So I don't make bright green instead of yellow super heroes.

I've marked them up.
Now I'll put them in different cups.
Way too much pink for my 18 bucks.
I'll use it to blend a bit on some warm stuff.

Feel free to tell me where it is all wrong.
If you can read it.

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MrGoodson2 said...

This is my procedural plan on the upper deck cards. Super rough pencils. Copic (gray) markers over that and probably dissolving the pencils. Wash of color ink over the whole card. Sharpie color on top. Need to experiment. I'm hoping copic values show through the sharpie. They may behave opaque. In that case I'll probably reapply copic gray. Then the final touch, black brush pen inks with maybe a gellyroll white highlight here and there.