Saturday, September 02, 2017

SketchUp and a Custom Shape for grids

I created a custom shape.
A 360 degree star that really makes great grids.
The lower grid is for a fantastic underwater city.
Updates later. Even if it doesn't turn out fantastic.

Tumblr post where I also talk about the shape tool.

Bah. I could not do it all digital. 
It just went too far south as far as I could bear.
Traced it to clean it for clarity.
Also of note, I changed grids. It needed a horizon line.
The complete top down was very blah.
 Final color version misses grand scale by a mile.
But I hit a mental cut off point for hours spent.
Have I mentioned before I make 40 bucks apiece on these?
And as far as using my sketchup help for the bar scene,
Not when I luck into the perfect ref by googling. Color scheme and all.

Hopefully I get color done on both by no later than Tuesday.

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