Friday, August 26, 2016

Brush set to clear

Kyle Webster had a couple of demo videos I watched.
Something I learned that i plan to use a lot, whatever brush you are using, you can set it to clear. So you have an eraser that behaves just like the brush you've using. Great for texture building. The pick out twigs behind the guy on top were done like that with one of my favorite brushes set to clear. Erasing is so often blunter and uglier than what you want.


Tom Moon said...

Those are both beautiful, moody pieces Ellis, especially the top one. The brushy textures, including the "erase" ones really add to the feeling.

MrGoodson2 said...

Thanks Tom. Getting close to the first of the month when I'll probably be distracted by a lot of Enworld work. So I should cram as much personal work as I can into the next few days,

Plus I have a writer that wants the covers to 5 comic books done. But I explained he has to describe EXACTLY what he wants on the covers.

I believe that is one of those things you might not believe will slow you down that can actually ut the brakes on something.

He has already paid half for the project.

Davis Chino said...

Ellis! Dude, that's GREAT about all the work you're getting!

I agree with Tom--love the moodiness. And thank you for sharing the "clear" insight--looks super in these, esp'ly that top piece.

That purple's got me thinking about a Grape Crush right now....


"Going Clear"...reminds me of the Scientologists....