Friday, July 08, 2016

Car Art

I know I have no standing to ask for a lift from my long-neglected TAG brethren--I have seen some of the wondrous work on here over the last few months (Ellis! Tom Moon!! Young Jimmy Bakshi Gorham!) and each time I tell myself I need to dive back in and make amends and catch up...and the guilt just piles up. Haven't felt good about it. I haven't been happy with my self or my art. Been meaning to post some of the work I did for students last semester, but, by the time I got thru it all I was wiped out, and then I got a job to do some illustrations for a car mag and I was really hopped-up on that, and now I've spent the last five weeks on it AND IT'S STILL NOT DONE and I am freaking. It's not looking at all like I thought. So in a purely selfish bid to bolster myself I am posting a couple of images here in the hope you guys can offer your erstwhile friend a little constructive criticism and moral support.

Like I said--no excuse.


JMG said...

Surpassed awesome with this stuff Marty.....never cease to amaze

Tom Moon said...

Marty, thank goodness you are back. TAG has missed you! And what a return, what incredible art pieces, especially the second one. All those characters swarming around the race car, it's like a Sistine Chapel of car art. I'd say you were crazy for even thinking your art is anything less than superb, but I know how an artist can be too close to their own work to be a good judge. Keep posting please. Post these everywhere, especially on your Facebook page so everyone can see them. You owe it to the rest of us be an artistic inspiration.

Davis Chino said...

Tommy!! Jimmy!! Dudes, that is so nice to hear. HEY, we are getting together during Comic Con, right?? I get back into town the 20th--I heard talk about a dinner Thursday night? I'd just love the chance to sit down at table and break bread with you guys. Let's do it!

And seriously, thanks a million for the kind words--they're a real shot in the arm! It's crazy how time has flown by this know I hate falling out of the TAG habit. I will gladly post more stuff. And Tom, I LOVE the stuff you posted--so great!!

Thanks again for boosting up an old man. I feel much better now!

MrGoodson2 said...

I think you could be up to your eyebrows from now on with Jack Davis levels of commercial work. And what a great way to assemble a big body of immortal illustration work.

Good you made it back. As usual, enjoy that Con without me.

The reason I think your work leads to so much more work, anyone that can do this kind of level of fun likenesses and settings is wrapped up in games. Going for that regular paycheck. You're out there on the loose. Doing great hand made art. Not photo composites and 3D models. The biggest threat to your art's appeal is after you turn it in and someone decides on some 'enhancements' in photoshop.

Do some fun stuff for yourself after the deadline is over. Don't miss that deadline. I have to get something done myself. Easy, falling of a log stuff compared to what you are doing.

MrGoodson2 said...

One thing that tells you how great this art is. I feel like I'm in an exclusive club. Being able to rt clk save this art is on par with getting a ticket to the unreleased blockbuster party.

Davis Chino said...

Ellis! Dude! That is so nice to read--you make me feel like a million bucks!! So glad you like the stuff.

And if you're just writing nice things to help me out, I appreciate it double!

I'll let you know how it goes...I am way behind on my deadline. Yikes!

MrGoodson2 said...

I also want the magazine when it comes out.

Tom Moon said...

Me too.