Saturday, February 20, 2016

I won one

At the Sunday of the Comic Fest I got away from my job at Artist Alley (doing something important, really) to go down to the dealer room. On a low shelf behind a dealer's table I saw the book pictured above in its slipcase. I asked the dealer to look at it. He slid it out of its slipcase and looked at the back cover. Its list price was $100, so he offered it to me for $50. I whined that it was Valentines Day, and I will see tomorrow whether I have money enough after dinner tonight. He said he was only at the Fest for Sunday. I bought the book. I felt buyer's remorse. Dinner was on a credit card.

 Monday of the Fest I walked to the Market at the Town and Country to eat a personal pizza and look through my book. I was flipping and reading and became curious about the publish date. I looked at the title page and saw the disclaimer that this was a limited edition of 1200 and there was a 132 on an open line. AND there was a Jeffery Jones signature. I removed the personal pizza from the vicinity. Now I have a cool book I can't look at. A similar book here.


MrGoodson2 said...

Score! Keep the pizza grease away. I've got that doc of Jeff Jones and I still haven't watched it. Better Things it is called. I'll watch it now. I've got work to do. Need something in the background.

MrGoodson2 said...

I finished watching Better Things. I think the first reaction is to call it sad. It's not sad. It's fascinating. Jones went on a journey and got a lot out of a personal intersection with his ability and the time he lived in. I loved it for all the personal glimpses with all my hero artists.
Jones was a drinker. Forget being trans sexual. You got all the problem you need if you can't control drinking.

Tom Moon said...

Glad you gave in and bought it Ben. Good price, good purchase. I own one and it's great. Jeffrey Jones was one of those Frazetta "children" who surpassed his "father" in my opinion. There can be only one Frazetta, but Jones's work had so much more depth and nuance.

MrGoodson2 said...

Watch the documentary Tom. You'll be blown away by the artists that it features. And almost everyone of them comments on the quality that only Jones achieves. And Jones hasn't got the self esteem to think he should be doing what he is doing, he thinks he should be doing Wrightson. Everyone tells him NO! Do what he is doing cause all of them just wish they could do what he is doing.

Davis Chino said...

When I first saw the cover photo here, I thought it was Donald Trump. A youthful Donald Trump.

Relieved the post turned out to be politics-free!

And very happy you scored big, Ben! I remember you telling me about the purchase as it was going down...the Valentine's Day twist just makes it that much better!

BDMontag said...

I see Mark Hamill. Now that I can't open the thing, I can't see much else.