Thursday, May 07, 2015


Comic book script archive is the link.
The photo is Count Gregore / John Ferguson.
I'm going to ask him to be 'the Hobo."
I think I'll board it today.
The story has changed. No eyes in the sack. Just horror reaction shots. Gregore looking evil as the last shot when the man on the street looks up from the sack.
 Didn't board it because I had no script. Now I have a script. And shots. Now I could board it.
Script in comments
 Black Bolt on my index card. Came out alright.
I should be the Hobo. It's obvious to me now.


Davis Chino said...


I love that you are doing this!!

Viva Ellis!

Channel that anger into creative energy.

That's what I'm doing!

MrGoodson2 said...

I would be better off for sure.

MrGoodson2 said...

17 shot script of The Hobo's Kit (tentative title)(17 shots because I count from zero)

Might be more shots. I was going to start boarding it. And I realized I couldn't do that without a script of some sort.

Even as minimal as this is. There has to be some sort of shot count before you can begin.

For me anyway.

0. establishing long shot-film row-okc

1. Man leaving a building-film row area OKC. Putting in ear buds.

2. Mid shot- finalize putting buds in Man's ears- provides a soundtrack-classical theremin

3. Same as Shot One set up- guy looks around- looks at watch

4. Back to close up- sees...

5. POV- Hobo, with a pedestrian avoiding his advances.

6. Back to shot of Man- Dave coming through building door, Clapping Man on the shoulder , saying "Waiting for the first wife?" "Yeah, Have a good one Dave." "See you"

7. Man POV watching Dave walk away. The hobo enters shot to make his pitch with the bag- Dave puts a hand out "No thanks " the gesture says.

8. Hobo in foreground watching Dave leave- Man in Bkgd- Hobo turns sees Man

9. Mid shot - Man rolls his eyes- He's pinned curbside-he can't just disappear- looks at his watch again. Wishes someone would arrive for him. Looks up...

10. POV Man - hobo smiles- looks into his kit- looks up at Man- (This might be over the shoulder of Man-)

11. Man Close- "here it comes" Grins in pain.

12. Full figure Side shot Hobo enters left coming toward Man. Sack Held at his side in Right hand.

13. Man close up - thinking "Ok- ok - wattayagot?"

14. Hobo brings out sack- looks in it himself- mutters- slowly extends it to Man- Sack interior starts to be revealed- cut to...

15. Final shot of man- smiling- then slow to creepy horror look as he gets a good look. Looks up to...

16. Final close on Hobo, insane expression "Any offer appreciated," cackles

The end

MrGoodson2 said...

New, better title - THE HOBO'S BINDLE

Davis Chino said...

"The Hobo's Bindle"!!!

A bindle is like a bundle, right?

Do we see what's in the bag? Is it the eyes??

Sounds real good. Have you thought about who will like this? Who it is meant for? Fer instance, will it be targeting the Twilight Zone nostalgia crowd? (which brings new cascade of questions: should it be in B& W? Should it be a period piece, i.e., '60's setting? Special attention to mimicking music/camera/mood of original series?) Or should it be directed toward a contemporary horror crowd? Or be a spoof of same?

MrGoodson2 said...

I am glad you asked that BW question. It should be in BW.

No spoofing. Playing it straight.

Bindle is that classic sack or kerchief with items in it, trhown over the shoulder, hanging off a stick.

The eyes were the early vision. But that is a needless, problem causing prop. Those in the early development will know it was eyes.