Thursday, March 19, 2015

Table Banner- Haven't sent for it yet

I'll go through Vistaprint again
2.5 by 8
Got two local cons coming up.
Trying to get a good table design.
This banner can fold in half for when I'm sharing a table.

 Gave a fathead rino superhero proportions.
Having second thoughts about the table banner. I've got a couple of weeks leeway to decide.

Another page, another 80 bucks.


Rickart said...

Oh, that's a great idea making a foldable banner!

Davis Chino said...

I love it!

But danged if this stinky blogger crops the be-jeezuz out of the thing. I've noticed we're no longer accorded the courtesy of a flush-to-the-widths scaling for our imagery...bummer.

Hope you knock 'em dead. Dang shame you won't be joining us in Seattle fer ECCC...esp'ly since I practically ain't got no nuthin' with which to stock my side o' the table!

MrGoodson2 said...

Marty. Hope you guys kill at the show. I picked 'original size' for the display of the banner. To on purpose make it wonky. I'll edit it now. It just requires clicking the image and picking- large small original etc. You probably have something set as default and so all of your posts bug you.

MrGoodson2 said...

Second thoughts about the banner - have killed the idea. I'm going for a 2.5 by 4 size-half- and making more of a table mat from it. Then buying a cheap table cloth

Tom Moon said...

When you mentioned "fathead rino" I kept looking for the Rhino super-villain on your banner.

So, err, why did you give him super-hero proportions?

MrGoodson2 said...

I was drawn to the thrust of his pointing hand. Thought I could make that Kirby like in Photoshop. Then while I was at it, reduced his head size to make him at least 8 heads tall.

The photo was from an announcement he was leaving the Republican party. Good riddance.

Tom Moon said...

So I guess that would make him a NARA? Not A Republican Anymore.

Davis Chino said...

Love the page!! Looks great!

The Beck superhero mod is hilarious. Very instructive.