Saturday, March 14, 2015

I made about 3 bucks drawing this

Me and 10 other guys and gals went to Dallas yesterday to pick up a minivan apiece and bring it back to OKC.
They weren't ready for us. Kept us there 2 and a half hours while the minivans appeared from all over town. So I sketched in the break room on torn off pieces of those 12" diameter brown towel rolls.
My weirdo was the best. 8 bucks an hour- he probably cost the company 3 bucks.
Photoshop enhancements on my own time.

The Devon storyboards also had a lot of wait time. I did the hovercraft drawing during someof that dead time.
The guy getting shot below it is from the same break room in Dallas. Probably paid a dollar for that one.

I have a Kuretake , fill it yourself , brush. I filled it with a wash of black airbrush pigment and water. Made a decent wash making brush. Big plus is that the gelly roll white pen goes on easile an very opaque over the wash.
A Pascal Campion painting made me try this idea.
Taking a skinny selection from some randomly white and black brush texture- then transforming that selection to make straight lines. I may use the idea for some quick and more organic grids.
Finally on my big, ugly, overloaded thread. I'm assuming that if you wear a mask, Google feels no obligation to blur your face.
I'll have to check it by looking for Hollywood street performers dressed as costumed heroes.
I know where they hang out.
This is riverfront- downtown Portland , Ore by the way.


Rickart said...

Ah, so perhaps the people I see on the streets wearing surgical masks aren't paranoid about getting a disease, they are paranoid about being photographed and shared on the internet.

MrGoodson2 said...

You never know. There has never been a better time for justifiable paranoia.

Someone in the Avis van told me that google street view driver is a dead job. These camera 'cars' are now all drones. I need to check that factoid. Imagine someone asking where you got your information "Someone in the van told me."