Thursday, February 12, 2015

Middle School Marty Drew Like THIS

For your amusement: an old middle school pal just sent these (blurry) pix to me.Two drawings from 8th grade era...better than I expected--but dangit, I still make so many of these same mistakes!!

This was an attempt to capture our Dungeons & Dragons characters. I am the bearded one (don't remember EVER craving a beard--but wouldn't it be oh-so-timely these days?). Dave is indeed African-American, and I admit to being happily impressed that I could get some decent ethnic individuation all the way back then...but that girl beneath us--?!?! I must've abandoned it when I realized I couldn't get her face right--or locate Dave's legs properly.

Silver Surfer was my fave character, a product of my first in-depth exposure to comics coming thru the 70's compendium "Bring On The Bad Guys." The bad guy here is Terrax I think? I see Kirby Krackle jostling with Bob Layton sun-burst highlights.... I should've spent more time copying DIRECTLY from other artists....


MrGoodson2 said...

Very cool. The modeling is still to be envied. But what's cool is you could put a post it note on every part that you could punch up now. Know exactly what needed what to get to high appeal.

Growth is fun. If you've done enough of it to appreciate the distance you've come.

Starting is pretty painless too. You don't know how bad you are. At least I didn't. I'm going to match you with something I was thinking about doing the other day, A tight crop on one of my first attempts at comics.

JMG said...

Impressive for 8th grade.....and now look at ya.