Friday, February 27, 2015

Leonard Nimoy

Wouldn't do a caricature and don't have any pictures. I saw this link when reading various obits. Found it comforting.

Smithsonian Enterprise restoration

Nimoy's not in Zombies of the Stratosphere a lot. But he's in it.
I'm glad he was the guy they cycled into all the new Trek movies.


MrGoodson2 said...

In the Oklahoma City market, we didn't have Star Trek the first season. I saw my first Star Trek visiting Gravelly , Arkansas. Horrible , snowy reception. My Uncle Bob Roy was already a rabid fan. I remember getting Spock's background from him in his very folksy, Arky accent.
I was instantly furious I couldn't watch the show when I got back to Oklahoma City. Now I have Netflix streaming and I could watch it 24-7 from now on.
I honestly don't think the show has the fan base without Spock.

BDMontag said...
Has a long interview with Leonard Nimoy. It is interesting in that he mentions Jeffrey Hunter played Captain Pike as introverted and pensive which made his Spock all loud and hyper. A few episodes in with William Shatner being over the top allowed him to rein back his character to what we recognize. He mentions all sorts of guest appearances on ancient TV that you can find on youtube.

Tom Moon said...

Witty Spock
From The Guardian:

Nimoy was also an unlikely sex symbol. According to the Los Angeles Times, when he spoke at Ohio’s Bowling Green State University in the 1970s, a young woman asked: “Are you aware that you are the source of erotic dream material for thousands and thousands of ladies around the world?”

“May all your dreams come true,” he responded.

Rickart said...

Agree, Ellis. ST would never have become a phenomena without Spock, and it's pretty hard to image someone else originating that character in a manner that become so popular. Nimoy invested in the character as I think few other actors in Hollywood would have at the time. And behind the scenes he fought for the character again and again.