Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Tuesday Sketch-Instant Hero-And what I did last night

POWERS: Vampiric abilities
Speeding Bullet Comics in Norman OK  had an event where local artists are given the task of creating heroes based on randomly generated traits.
I said I'd be at the event 2 months prior but ended up with the new job keeping me away.
So Matthew Peice the owner of the shop fed me some traits last night.
Going to take it into Photoshop, jazz it up, then name him.
Go ahead and post suggestions. You may come up with something I have to use.
 Spent the last  3 hours at work in the break room, alone, happily doodling and thinking. I've waited 45 years for this job.

 Sorry to momentarily hijack your post Ellis, but when you mention "mattress testing" and single strap overalls in one post, how can I resist?


Tom Moon said...

What kind of bank does he guard? Is it a... BLOOD BANK?

Davis Chino said...

Ha! This looks great, El! Really fun idea, and really fun drawings.

And Tommoon:oof!

MrGoodson2 said...

Tom! Great idea.
Thanks guys.

The Crimson Sentinel

Tom Moon said...

"Scarlet" Sentinel has some alliteration to it. :) How about making the character a woman? Beautiful female vampires are very appealing. Then you could call her "Bloody Mary".

Rickart said...

TOM! You should write comics! Both of those names are excellent! I dig the concept drawings as well... I love to see the process.

MrGoodson2 said...

Thanks Tom. a plus efforts. Here's the paragraph I'm sending to Matthew OCCUPATION: Bank Guard
POWERS: Vampiric abilities



A hideous vampire scarred by the Holy Cross, now is compelled to do horrible things to evil people.

I started with the guard character. Maybe that is revealed by his position in the sketch on the left. I knew I wanted a Sam Brown belt on him. I thought that would add to a feeling of no nonsense.

I went for Salem's Lot ugly for the Vampire incarnation. I like the idea of alternately wearing a plain black executioners hood, where he looks out through eyeholes. He reveals his horrific face, different each time, as he passes judgement on the evil doer.

His Bank job incarnation resembles Let The Right One In. He looks different to everyone. Both incarnation can use mesmerism that appears as eyes seeming to float in space before the targeted subjects.

He guards a BLOOD BANK!

Got that notion from a friend being jokey but I liked it.

Deep under this bank, tree roots, holding rotten coffins, lead to THE SCARLET SENTINEL'S inner sanctum. Like the center of a spider web, he reacts to vibrations of evil.

Tom Moon said...

His first assignment is guarding a blood bank, which suits him just fine as he is able to occasionally grab a midnight snack on the sly. Much to his chagrin, he is later re-assigned to a sperm bank.

MrGoodson2 said...

Beautiful Tom. That's comedy.

MrGoodson2 said...

The Vampire would just hypnotize people to keep him at the Blood Bank.
The next sketch where I'm bragging about making money while I doodle. I'll only leave this job for mattress testing.
Russell, my brother just came in from his gig. As a medical test subject. He watched an old Perry Mason while hooked up to miscellaneous monitors.

At home the Goodson clan favors the single over the shoulder strap on their overalls.

Davis Chino said...

Super funny additions to this post...

"Mattress tester"!

El, I'm so glad to hear the job is working out!

MrGoodson2 said...

What will Lil Abner do? Tune in next week.
How did he handle the crisis Tom??

Tom Moon said...

The Dogpatchers ask the U.S. Government for a twenty-dollar loan to help their now-unemployed citizens. While searching the archives, a secretary discovers that the original founder of Dogpatch, Wyatt Yokum, never agreed to sell Dogpatch to the U.S.

So Dogpatch is declared to be a tiny, sovereign country like Monaco, and the Yokums are now royalty. Instead of giving them twenty dollars, the U.S. now starts sending them millions in foreign aid money.

In the end it is found that a letter in the Dogpatch post office, undelivered for a couple of hundred years, is from Wyatt Yokum to the U.S. government. It gives Dogpatch to the U.S. for free because Yokum thought the land was worthless.

The foreign aid is withdrawn and the original twenty-dollar loan is refused on the grounds that the U.S. taxpayers can't afford it.

Tom Moon said...

By the way, the Abner artwork is by Frazetta during this period.

Davis Chino said...

Ha! Funny!

And funny to think this is Friz work...it gives me hope.

MrGoodson2 said...

I was going to know it all declare that to be Frazetta. Beautiful. Thanks for the synopsis. I wanted to know.

Frazetta wanted to keep that job. Glad he moved on.