Saturday, February 01, 2014

Marty could pull this off. I don't know about this Glenn Kolleda's effort

C and p from tumblr
Back in 1989 “the King of Comics”, Jack Kirby, teamed up with sculptor Glenn Kolleda to create a sculpture bringing his Jacob & the Angel illustration into 3 dimensions! (via STRIPPED: Jack Kirby’s Jacob And The Angel Statue)

Tough to capture Kirby Crackle in sculptural fashion


Tom Moon said...

Incredible drawing, but I think the sculpture is hideous.

MrGoodson2 said...

Yeah. It looks like he worked way too small.

Davis Chino said...

Thank you for thinking I could do a better job. I hope I could, too!

Kirby's faceless organic machines from the 70's are so compelling! Scary without being gruesome... so freaky....

Imagine one of those emerging from a Kloud of Krackle and coming at you!

Rickart said...

There's some crazy muscle action happening on that thigh.
Ellis, I had the same thought... this guy is working WAY too small.