Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dok Cards

Hello good people! Been a while, but not that long in dog years.

Just yesterday Hundred Pound Hank was walking me around the neighborhood and he 'membered me of that. He sort of bumped his lumbering, four-footed self into me and I thought, "Tag, I'm it." Then I saw some artistic graffiti, admired the signature and I thought "Good tag there". Later we stopped to buy some Girl Scout cookies.. though I worried aloud that they'd go right to my waistline. The Grandmother of the girl selling the cookies (a formidable matron in a trench coat and a former member of the organization), assured me that would never happen. See above. But as Hundred Pound Hank and I wandered away, munching a few of those Tagalongs.. a mysteriously overwhelming desire to visit this blog just seemed to jump out of nowhere!

Strange how you can be innocently pointed at visiting some blog... like my own newly resurrected one for instance. Where I've started to post greeting cards. Simply as an example I mean. There, turns out, you could all become members!


Rickart said...

Dok! Yay! Neat card! The TAG blog has been a bit sleepy lately, but it's starting to pick up a bit. Glad to see you here!

I want to see more cards... I need to post some of the weird stuff I've been up to as well. I have a self-assigned project that I'm hoping to finish and share soon. Keep an eye peeled!

MrGoodson2 said...

Great card. Moving into pure Whitson with personal projects.

MrGoodson2 said...

I also checked out the Card page. Lot of cool stuff. Is the formatting just a fun showcase notion or do you plan on an etsy store or something like that for greeting card sales?

Tom Moon said...

Invisible Farmer is my favorite.

Tom Moon said...

Does Hank really weigh a hundred pounds?

Dok as a Dog said...

Thanks guys!

The cards are being displayed just for fun right now.

Though there was a job I was applying for, outside of games, that I wanted to show those to. I have the printed version of them for sale at a local retail outlet, just about at cost. But I like doing them and you never know where things will lead. At least I know that -I- never know!

Yep, my young Hankenstein is right around a 100 lbs, give or take a slow footed leprechaun.