Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Smear-Charcoal looking


Davis Chino said...

I really like how the chin is developing on the girl, with the little highlight. A little of that goes a long way, of course...but I like shiny skin on a girl.

Seems the trick is getting the form edges to read as different from cast or real hard edges....

Very cool! I like the source sketch a lot, too. Her personality comes over a little more directly in the sketch, I think. Maybe in smearing the charcoal, a little of her personality gets rubbed down? Punching up the eyes might be a way to reconnect her character?

Cool! And its Tuesday!

MrGoodson2 said...

You're right about rubbing personality out. Jeff Wand, the guy that talked me into taking a few painting classes at CAI, said never to use smear. But I like it as a way to eradicate a line drawing and start the veer into something painterly.
Now the smart thing to do would be to use color pick and start to tile the form edges in.