Friday, April 15, 2011

Shane Gline's Cartoon Retro

Go to Google Reader and subscribe to Shane Gline's Cartoon Retro. It's got a lot of cool stuff. Like this old Frazetta funny animal strip. It's nice that the world wide web is out there scanning.


Davis Chino said...

I like the next page, where the gopher kidnaps the topless babe and then Frost Giants stomp him to death.

You are right, Cartoon Retro is a great site--and he's been doing it a loooong time--over five centuries in Google time.

But I'm curious--does anyone here other than the immortal (and invincible) TomMoon (I like it as one word, like a Brazilian soccer star) like these old "funny animal" comics?

John K. publishes some choice ones every now and again, and I really enjoy seeing a page or two, but I never find myself pulled into the story.

Is this a moral failing?

I fully expect to have a conversion moment one day, (probably involving Carl Barks--he's the gateway drug to this world, isn't he?), but until then...I'll just look on with bloodless admiration.

MrGoodson2 said...

I get into the Barx Duck stories. Other than that, it is rare I get into funny animal stuff. I dig the Harvey Hot Stuff era. Those are akin to funny animals on occasion.

Tom Moon said...

Except for Barks, I'm actually not a big fan of funny animal comics, even though the drawing on some of them is excellent. The thing is, (and you can quote me on this!)the Duck stories are NOT really funny animal comics.

Donald, Scrooge and the Nephews are people that just happen to be shaped like ducks. The plots and characters are so good and comment on the human condition. They rise above their genre.

Unlike the cartoon cats that feel compelled to chase mice, or the cartoon bears that live in the woods and steal pic-a-nic baskets, the Ducks live in houses, drive cars, go to work, take vacations, worry about their kids, fight over mates, seek adventure and wealth, face moral dilemnas, and every other thing that humans do. If you read the stories you'll notice they never really refer to having any kind of "duck-ish" nature.

Rickart said...

I'm with Marty for the most part... fun to look at a few pages but otherwise not very engrossing.

I think Pogo is something of an exception for me... more entertaining to read and the art is really unparalleled.

MrGoodson2 said...

Maybe this is at the heart of why no one has suggested we start a TAG Furry group.