Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I will bring Microsoft to its knees!

Good news (for me at least)! I now have gainful employment once again. I am the new cinematic storyboard artist on the next HALO game for 343 Industries! I'm very excited. AND what's even more excellent is that I get to work remotely and I don't have to move to Seattle where Rick Schmitz and Mike Christian would be sure to collect the money I owe them.

They made me a very nice deal and I start this month. Part of the package included me not having to worry about Rick knocking on my front door at any time soon. For now it's a 10 month to a year contract, but there might be a possibility of something long term (I hope). But for now it's good enough to be involved with something as big as this AND not have to worry about running into Rick at the grocery store or anything like that.

That's all, thought I'd pass this along. Hope everyone but Rick is doing well!

(i love rick)


MrGoodson2 said...

I thought that was my job. Congratulations Scott. You're made for the Halo franchise

Tom Moon said...

Congratulations Scott. Great news!

Rickart said...

I'm hiring Dog the bounty hunter to collect the money you owe me, so avoiding the GNW will not save you.

I HATE the old "too cartoony" remark! Sorry, most humans don't draw photos of things that DON'T EXIST! Yeesh!

Seriously, though, I expect that you will need to come up from time to time to confer with your new overlords. Give me a heads up and perhaps we can have a TAG reunion with Mike and Ron. If you are here for the first Friday of the month, you can hang out at a TAG North meeting!

Tom Moon said...

TAG is on a Friday up there?

Rickart said...

Whoops... Tuesday. Not sure where
Friday came from.

Beata said...

Rick: Probably from that lame old joke ... "Good thing our meetings weren't held on Fridays!"

Scott: Congrats on your new employment status!