Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Replacing the Sleepwalking Dog

This looks pretty good.

I'll delete this tomorrow.

The Dog. Do you suppose he is chasing or being chased in the dream?


Tom Moon said...

I liked the trailer. I missed the sleepwalking dog. Why delete anything? "Bring back the sleepwalking dog... Bring back the sleepwalking dog... Bring back..."

rickart said...

Is it Christian Bale's intent to be in every big action movie made from now on?

I don't know if there is enough meat on the ol' Terminator bones to keep the story even sort of fresh. It also looks like they are stealing a bit from the revamp of BSG (Terminators not knowing they are robots).

Tom Carroll said...

I know it's premature, but it seems that the Terminator franchise is now strictly in the "action movie" category without intriquing subplots and/or social commentary. Again, I might be premature ... but any time you see that many collisions, explosions, flying motorbikes, and such, well, can Michael Bay be far away? (I know: he's not involved, but his clone is).