Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bus sketch/Painting prep

I'm hoping to turn this into a digital painting....


Deane D said...

Cool!Your house looks like a coffee cup. Is it fairy tale roadside architecture?

rickart said...

It is indeed a coffee house of a sort.

Mr Goodson said...

There's this cute little girlie, she's a'workin' there
A black leotard and her feet are bare
I'm gonna drink a lotta coffee, spend a little cash
Make that girl love me when I put on some trash
You can understand why I've got to get back
To that sugar shack, whoa baby
To that sugar shack, yeah honey
To that sugar shack, whoa yes
To that sugar shack.

Nice Job Rick. I hope you follow through with the painting. Unlike myself. It's been awhile since I finished a painting