Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Tuesday Sketch - Bubble Boy meets the Moops

Title is a link to THE OFFICIAL FANS OF CORK.

I'll delete the unofficial one now. Hopefully the Pope is able to figure out how to change his membership to the official one. That was quite an add.


rickart said...

BTW, I love the face that is molded into the plastic in this drawing. Hysterical!

Tom Carroll said...

This sketch begs for a word balloon. My vote: "I paid top dollar for this Port-a-Bubble, but now that Sharper Image filed for bankruptcy I think the warranty is problematic at best ..."

Mr Goodson said...

Thanks for the comments guys. Also thanks to everyone that joined the unofficial Cork fan site. I made Buncake an officer of the site for 2 minutes before I deleted the whole thing