Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Siegfried reimagined as Steampunk

Did some more work on my entry to the CG society contest for re imagining of a myth as something in Steampunk style.

It's too camouflaged to tell much about as this point but it's good enough to jump to digital for additional edits.

I'll make Siegfried smaller.

I revised the drawing. I still have more tweaks to do, but it will all be digital, photoshop forward

I have notes on it to look at "9". If you haven't seen it, it's a short by Shawn Acker, going to make a Tim Burton film. I'll embed it.

My title is a link to an MP3 of Joseph Campbell I wanted Krayonzilla to sample.

Now the title is a link to the CGSOCIETY contest I'm participating in.


Mr Goodson said...

I'll add my own damn comments.


Big challenge to make readable the idea of a washer being on Siegfried's shoulder marking his vulnerable spot.

I planned to look closer at 9 for nice debris artfully arranged and lots of gizmo fragments.

The Joseph Campbell stuff is new to me. A guy at work was reading his work and I ran across a CD at the library. Great lectures. I made the video from one of the lecture sound files and Campbell's mug from Wikipedia. Early on you notice a special filter effect. It took so long to render I deserted the idea of spicing the video up with similar dabbling.

Mr Goodson said...

Just remembered the actual comment i wanted to make. My entertainment during the drawing was Tom Sellecks RUNAWAY. So I know how long it took to get it to the state you see it. I also know how likely I am to re-watch RUNAWAY. Wow. I didn't imagine something that bad could be done from Michael Crichton writing.

rickart said...

Joseph Campbell:
George Lucas produced a miniseries of discussions between Bill Moyers and Joseph Campbell. I think you would like those a lot.

Your drawing:
Epic and cool... I'm looking forward to seeing more!

The trailer is on the Apple trailer website... it looks pretty interesting.

rickart said...


Mr Goodson said...

Thanks Rick. I will check that out because I was thinking about tracking down how to buy the programs. It's great that it's free.

rickart said...

Thanks for for the updates... its fun to watch this piece in progress.

Interesting that you didn't link to the context itself.... don't want any competition, eh? ;)

rickart said...

"Contest" is what I meant to say.

Mr Goodson said...

Rick. I changed the title link to the page describing the contest. Krayonzilla's had time enough to look at my Joseph Campbell thing. I ordered the PBS special by the way. Even though it's free on youtube. Still lots of time on the contest. Due in Feb early I believe. Software and hardware prizes