Saturday, October 25, 2008

I bought This

I saw the Watching the Watchmen at Borders. Looked through it. Got it cheaper through Amazon.

What sold me is just about every page of the comic book is shown in thumbnail form where Gibbons spots his blacks over his rough gesture sketch. It's just an inspiring clinic on composition and appealing shapes. I've been trying to slow down on book buying but had to have this one.

Then Yongwoo brought Shadowline by Ian McCaig to work. I'd seen it previewed at the Gnomon seminar. Had to have that as well. 80 bucks for more raw tonnage of books.


weezie said...

I also picked up Watching the Watchmen! What an awesome book! I got at Borders with a 25% off coupon. If you haven't signed up for Border Rewards (free), you should! It makes it cheaper than Amazon. This last weekend, they had a buy two of anything and get the third free deal.

rickart said...

Ohhh... I haven't heard of the Gibbons book before. I must check it out!

I saw some preview stuff on the other at the con... I've been looking forward to it, but I think I'll wait for the paperback version.