Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Jeff, have a great trip.


rickart said...

This drawing is hysterical, especially coming from the ex-Parisian.

Have a great trip! Be sure to send your pics to your Facebook album so we can enjoy your trip in real time. Please tell MC to have a great time as well!

Mr Goodson said...

I hope you have a good group and don't get rushed too badly. Have a great time. Ditto what Rick said about photos.

Scotty Buncake said...

Make sure you avoid any buildings that may house art, you don't want to waste your trip on non-essential boredom. Also, try not to eat their deplorable food or be influenced by the garish architecture. You might just want to find a Starbucks and run out your sentence there.

Mr Goodson said...

very funny caricature Marty. Forgot to mention that

Jeff said...

I'm sitting in the airport as I type this. Yes I will have a good time as per your instructions!! I promise to upload pics to facebook so you can follow ""Ranjo Goes Euro 2008!" I really just wanted to avoid the riots that will occour after the Biden/Palin debates.

I am glad Scotty Buncake doesn't have a Facebook account as he won't be able to see my frenchie fun!

Thanks Marty for the caricature! But why do you always draw me with shorts and flip flops? The striped shirt and beret yes.

Jet time Mon Amis!