Saturday, May 26, 2007

Pissed off!

I'm pissed off at Wacom! They have discontinued their 15 and 18 inch Cintiq monitors! You can only get the 21 inch... for $2500!

This is nuts! I can only believe that they would have much larger sales if they brought the price down on their Cintiqs... I guess that can't keep up with that level of demand or something.

Why hasn't a competitor for Wacom appeared yet? Why haven't market forces brought the price down?!

I did find someone on the net who claims to have made his own Cintiq for $200 using a monitor and a discarded Wacom tablet or something...


Mr Goodson said...

I saw that web site with the how to make your own cintiq. A couple of people at work were going to do it. That's interesting that wacom went to the one size only. If you do step off for the big ticket, you do get as good a monitor that size as you can find anywhere. And you can draw with it!

Mr Goodson said...

I checked Ebay. Not a one for sale under 21 inches. And the 21 inch one was going for 2800. Wow. Most desired art tool ever.

Jeff said...

Have you seen this Rick?

rickart said...

Yes I have... it's interesting, although it's not like most Tablets in that it doesn't have a swivel keyboard. If I'm going to get a laptop, I would prefer to have one with a keyboard.

I have tried out a Tablet PC and I wasn't too impressed with the action of the pen... I suspect that Modbook is be better. I have heard rumors that Apple itself is coming out with a tablet, but I haven't seen any confirmation of that.

Dok said...

I'm shopping for a tablet pc. I need something small and very lightweight, but still full featured as possible.

There are two kinds, like Rick said. Convertibles have a single hinge that allows the keyboard will be directly under the screen when you draw. The other kind are called Slates. No real keyboard, they rely on handwriting, speech or a virtual keyboard.

Brands to seemingly avoid are Fujitsu (sp) and Toshiba (bad hinges among other things). I'm looking now at HP's and Motion Computing or maybe finally go Mac and get the mod book. Lotsa good upgrades possible on that and they went to 512 levels of pen sensitivity instead of 256.

rickart said...

The frustration I've had is that it's really hard to find floor models to test drive.

I had my eye on the Gateway tablet for a while... it had a nice 15 inch screen as I recall.

The Modbook looks pretty nice, and I guess you can still plug in a keyboard if you need to type a lot of stuff.