Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Three Stooges Variation

It's me, Mike Dietz and Kyle Kirby. Ah, that manly comraderie you find only in the video game world!

This was meant to be posted soon after the last Three Stooges homage.

Well, it's up now.

BONUS CONTENT: A shot of my office, and my fellow inhabitant, Mr. K. Kirby. Tom said he was interested. That's the 405 outside, which is as mesmerizing to me as the surf on a beach.


rickart said...

Hey! I think you are giving up some secret info on that whiteboard!

Mr Goodson said...

I regret to report that Marty has been fired

Tom Moon said...

Thanks for letting us see your environment Marty. Yes, I'm interested in seeing everyone's workspace, so I can feel like I'm right there with you!

Hey, how did that animation link I put up turn into a full-blown picture of the YouTube video? Did Blogger do that on its own, or did someone modify it for me?

Tom Moon said...

...and love Le Nouveau Trois Stooges.

Jeff said...

Hey Tom. Sorry I embeded the video for you. I should have left a note. Sorry!

I've been to the DavisChino lair! It is marvellous! Although you need to post a pic of that overstuffed Rat that lives next to Ellis. Unless he ate Ellis.

Tom Moon said...

No problem Jeff. I'm glad you did it. I was just too lazy to do it myself. I was just wondering if blogger had some miracle update capability.