Thursday, April 12, 2007

ColErase Blue Doodles-Storyboard Freelance

The col erase pencils are very nice. They put down a line with smooth feel, no scratch or skip, and erase easily with the eraser attached to the pencil.

When I grayscale them and play with the levels in photoshop I get a lot of held detail.

In addition, This from Jason Weesner...

(the first two lines are my reply to Jason)

Rick Schmitz has just moved to the bay area.

I bet he'll be in touch with you.

--- Jason Weesner wrote:

> know anybody in the Bay Area who does
> storyboards, my company is looking for two
> storyboard
> artists for 6 weeks. Might be some good money.
> Perhaps
> you can post this to TAG?
> +---------------+
> The Jason Weesner
> +---------------+


Tom Carroll said...

I like the "no neck" with the banana nose ... nice sketches. I've just volunteered to be a judge for a sketchbook contest at the Art Institute of Calif., San Diego ... I beat on my one class's students all the time to use 'em!!

rickart said...

Oh man, I would LOVE to do some storyboard freelance... but I don't think that's such a good idea with a new job and all...

rickart said...

Oh, and yes, and I plan on hooking up with all sorts of old friends. Once I get settled in some more I would LOVE to do lunch with Jason... perhaps he can steer me to a good Mexican restaurant!