Friday, March 16, 2007

High Moon update.

Well, I haven't even started yet and I've been fired.

Actually no. I just wanted to update you on a few small things. Firstly, congratulations to Rick on landing the 'I'm now better than everyone' west coast job. It's too bad he feels the need to one up me just because he can't stand not being the center of attention. Sad little beast.

I'll be accepting the job officially tomorrow. I'm very happy with the terms and they want me to start April 16th (I have to give a months notice on my current place. That's the delay.) If anybody has any ideas about the area surrounding Carlsbad as a potential place to move let me know. Although please keep in mind the furthest place away from Ellis would be preferable.


Surly Bird said...

I think most folks here will agree to steer clear of Oceanside. There's some good places there, but there's also plenty of bad. I would think you could do better. Carlsbad was a great place to live for the one year I was there. If you end up in Encinitas, eat at this place called "Honeys." They have the best breakfast in the world - it's right of 101 in the downtown fun part of Encinitas. San Marcos and Vista wouldn't be bad choices either.

Tom Moon said...

You should rent a place across from the Convention Center in one of those high rises. Then we can all go to your place for pizza lunch. Maybe we can have a big four day sleepover during Con.

Mr Goodson said...

I think you have the best job Scott. Too bad most of it will be NDA. I'd like to see some of your looser stuff as you work on the cinemas and other stuff.

Mr Goodson said...

(I have to give a months notice on my current place. That's the delay.)

Scott, do you need a customer for your squigee and sponge, bucket etc. I might know somebody.

Scotty Buncake said...

Hey guys,
Yeah, I think I'll steer clear of Oceanside. Tom, I actually know somebody who lives in those high rises. They're actually REALLY cool.
Ellis, I won't really need anyone for clean-up. It shouldn't be too hard. If it's Jeff you're talking about, it would be great to see him scrubbing my walls and digging hair out of my drains. Ahhhhhhhh, the imagery.

rickart said...

I lived in Encinitas for a few years... it's pretty nice without being as hoity-toity as La Costa. Leucadia is nice to... more funky and affordable... and you could be Dok's neighbor!

To the northeast you might consider Vista or San Marcos.

I suppose Escondido might even be a possibility. Tom C. is up there. He's got a great place with a fantastic view.

Mr Goodson said...

Ask John Roe if he has a garage apartment for rent. Hey Scott. You didn't miss anything by not seeing 300. Whew. What a stinker.